Low pressure, temperature and impact test
Test objects: LED lamps (lamps with LED Driver, finished products).

Test method:
1) Put 5pcs LED lights under environment temperature of -15℃;
2) Transfer input voltage to 0.9 times of LED lamp rated voltage by transformer.
3) Power on for 24 hours, and observe whether there is damage to the lamp, thermal deformation of materials and other anomalies;
4) After the light on testing let’s go to the impact test, through the relay controller to control the LED lamp in this environment, the steps is: light on 20 seconds, light off 20 seconds, 100 times cycles.

Test requirements:
A: After high temperature and pressure testing, LED lamp surface can not be stripping, discoloration, cracking, deformation and other anomalies;
B: After impact test, LED lamps can not leakage, power off and other electrical anomalies.

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