18May 2017
P3.91mm indoor LED display

On the afternoon of May 18th, 2017, the “Made in Chengdu” and Projects supply and demand matchmaking conference of China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (hereinafter called: CCCC) was held at the Fairmont Hotel Ballroom in the middle of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu. The supply and demand matchmaking conference was organized by Chengdu Municipal Commission of Economy […]

29Mar 2013

A few days ago, Boston University sued complaints against Samsung Electronics LED patent violations in Massachusetts District Court. According to the complaint, the Boston University sued that Samsung “ongoing deliberately” infringe its patent, involved Patent No. 5,686,738 and 6,953,703. Complaints deem the tort occurred in the introduction and sale of LED devices, the device is […]

26Mar 2013

Crystal IS, Inc. the detection, purification and disinfection applications high-performance UV light-emitting diodes (UVC LED) manufacturer, recently announced the successful major achievements and performance record, which is single UVC LED continuous work mode at 260 nm, and output more than 65 mW. UVC is the ultraviolet light with wavelength in the 200 – 280 nm. […]

03Jan 2013
curved LED desk lamp

As its name suggests, Sebastian Bergne design this “curl” table lamp, it abandon the traditional lampholder, LED light source and a white reflective surface form a coiled surfaces. Temperature and brightness of the white light emitted by the LED module can be adjusted to meet different illumination needs. In a dark environment, this curl table […]