In the 60’s, with the LED into the business after decades of development, has developed a number of species, the largest category of the mainstream are:
1) Common LED (Light emitting diode): We have called LAMP LED products, a product called the P2, but also called DIP LED’s, DIP LED also includes many types:
By colloidal shape: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, square, oval, tombstoning, there are some special forms and so on;
By colloidal color: colorless, transparent, colored transparent, colored scattering, scattering colorless, etc.;
By color: red, orange, yellow, green yellow, green, blue green, blue, pink, uv, white, infrared, etc.;

2) SMD (Surface Mounted Diode): surface mount diodes or surface mount components are its name, SMD also has a variety of categories:
By size: 0603,0805,1210,5060,1010 and so on. Generally, SMD are diamond-shaped, so its name is based on the size L * W, the LED industry useS units of inches, not millimeters, Just occasionally by mm, such as 1608 (1.6 * 0.8mm) and so on.
The color and type of colloid are the same as common LED, only the shape of the product changed.

3) Piranha (SuperFlux led): This is a because of the light-emitting efficiency of LED can not meet the requirements of the use of their car, so people developed this low-power products. Generally its drive current 50MA, common LED used 20MA, the highest current can reach 70mA, because of its better heat dissipation, which tends to be used in the automotive taillights.

4) Power led: it has the following categories:
By power: 1W, 3W, 5W, and so on
According the top of light-emitting lens: flat head, condenser, glass shape, etc.
By Process: Aluminum plate and the luminous.

5) Numberical LED: first used for display and digital display.
By shape: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
By Surface color: gray-faced vinyl and the black-faced white plastic, etc.
By Polarity: same cathode, same anode.
And the color is the same as common LED.

6) LED Dot Matrix: The product is similar as numberical LED, both of the application are for display. Different spacing and different pore diameter are different products, At present there are 5*7 and 8*8, and its colors are monochromatic, two-color, three color and so on.
By color: a single red, single green, two-color, three color, etc.;
By the hole diameter: Φ2.0, Φ3.0, Φ3.75, Φ5.0 etc.;
By Dot: 5*7, 8*8, 16 *16, etc.
There are some other products: such as cluster, LED Side Light Source, Infrared & PhotoDiode and so on.

LED Species

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