LED lamp life span test:
Test objects: LED lamps (lamps with LED Driver, finished products).

Test method:
1) Put 5pcs LED lights under environment temperature of 25℃, and test the initial lumen, power consume, color temperature and other parameters in rated input voltage;
2) After the testing, put the samples in a temperature of 25℃, and light up at the rated power input;
3) In the first three months, test the luminous, power, color temperature every 10 days in the same environment, and compare with the initial parameters recorded.
4) After three months testing, test the parameters every one month, record the data and compare with the initial value;

Test requirements:
A: When the luminous flux attenuates to 70% of initial value, then the time is the life span of the LED lighting. The LED light life can be calculated by the average of lifetime of the samples, through the light decay testing record.
B: If LED lamp is power off during testing, then this called the absolute life time.

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