Crystal IS, Inc. the detection, purification and disinfection applications high-performance UV light-emitting diodes (UVC LED) manufacturer, recently announced the successful major achievements and performance record, which is single UVC LED continuous work mode at 260 nm, and output more than 65 mW.

UVC is the ultraviolet light with wavelength in the 200 – 280 nm. UVC wavelengths light can be used in disinfectant and for the elimination of harmful microorganisms in the food and the air, also for the field of spectroscopic applications.

The Yole Developpement estimated the UVC light market scale reached nearly 200 million U.S. dollars in 2012, which being replaced by UV LED increasingly.

Therese Jordan, company business development senior vice president said: Compared to UV lamp, the UVC LED does not contain mercury, small size and rugged, suitable for many designs, it’s expected to have a longer life, and can achieve environmental scrap processing.”

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