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Japanese scientists have invented liquid OLED technology, can produce flexible displays

Author : ledke Date : 9/3/2009 7:35:37 AM

An article issued by Denghui Xu and ChihayaAdachi from Kyushu University and Center for FutureChemistry introduce a liquid-OLED display technology, state that this technology combination of OLED's wide color gamut, and enhanced flexibility.

This article introduces a EHCz (9-2-ethylhexylcarbazole) the main elements of liquid-doped 5, 6, 11, 12 -tetraphenylnapthacene -- also known as the rubrene ──Objective light OLED.
Nowadays, the OLED displays are solid, and advanced than LCD, with the advantages of no need backlighting; and because the self-luminous OLED characteristics, in addition of the energy-saving, also can be done very thin. However, the current monitors factories perfer full sizes, lower cost of LCD production. So the OLED mainly for small-size applications.

“At present, OLED is mainly adobt solid-state and organic thin-film also part of the LCD, no manufacturers try to produce a pure liquid organic semiconductor yet; only a small part of the manufacturers use the technologies of polymer solutions, as well as liquid solution-phase electro luminescent,” Authors said.
Besides helping to create flexible and self-emitting displays, liquid semiconductor components can also enhance the reliability and longevity of FET, solar cells and other organic semiconductor system. The authors also proposed a "circular OLED", the liquid organic semiconductor materials inside this component will be circulating or re-fill to the active emitting layer.